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Electricity, water, food, shelter. If these are interrupted, what will you do, what can you do? My native heritage health issues and personal challenges made me take a good hard look at self-sufficiency and self-reliance. I am here to teach people how to live without grocery stores and even pay your mortgage bills without even having a job. Everything you need is within one mile of where you live. It doesn't matter if you live in suburbia (I do), or live where it snows in the winter (I do). Forget the economy and everything you've ever been told about health. Nature is perfect and has all the answers. You just have to know how to understand the truth that's all around you. 

Failing to plan is planning to fail..   On the other hand --- successful planning is planning for success. Changes in our environment are certain and coming whether you are ready or not. I can introduce you to some simple things that anyone can afford over a reasonable amount of time: knowledge, wisdom, books, and tools. Our government advises preparation for 72 hours. I say three weeks, how about three months or for as long as you can prepare ahead. Learn to eat by the season and get your grocery bill down to 30 dollars a week.

I thank God for the wisdom I have been granted and am able to share. 

Here is a Youtube video about me to inspire you. 

I am available for speaking engagements and personal teaching regarding self sufficiency and self-reliance. 

Contact info: 416 709 3535         garry@garrytibbo.com

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